Panthers kicker Gano: Feel sorry for letting the team down

The kicker Graham Gano had the best opportunity to revenge the defeat of last Super Bowl by shooting in the 50 yards when the game was close to ending.

Graham Gano

In his own view, the miss wide left had nothing to do with the timeout Broncos coach Gary Kubiak called right before he booted. Like others good kickers, he only blamed himself.

“I thought I was going to drill it,” Gano told reporters after the 21-20 Broncos victory Thursday night. This is no doubt in my mind. This won’t define my season. My teammates came to me and said they would help me win games, I trust them. I wish I could do it all over, but the reality is I can not. I have to look ahead and complete the next goal.”

He added: “I could not do anything, I let my team down, it makes me feel bad. I wish I could do it all over, but I have to look forward.”

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