Norman: I want to keep attacking Beckham until he shut up

cornerback Josh Norman and wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. don’t like each other is known to the outside world, the taunt between them can be written a story book.

Now Norman doesn’t serve for the Panthers, so we thought the battle between them would end, but all is not the case.

Beckham said in an interview that Norman is so famous entirely using his fame.

Then Norman made a very aggressive message to Beckham: “I am very honest, I do not care who this guy is, make no mistake, he is a good player but he is not the man he considered. If you attack such a person, constantly hit him, he will beg for mercy and says, ‘Look, he touch me,’ because they had never been subjected to that kind of impact. For me, I will attack his mouth every time I see him, I do not care anything until he shut up.”

The Giants game against the Redskins will begin on September 25.

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