Joey Bosa resumes the negotiations with San Diego Chargers

NFL Jerseys Reports– When the and Joey Bosa continue to struggle with contract issues, there have been signs of progress possible.

According to reports after more than two weeks no contact, the two sides resumed negotiations.

Joey Bosa

But informed sources said the two sides did not appear close to reaching a consensus. Chargers have always insisted Bosa on the need to accept part of signing bonus deferred payment terms and cancellation terms of salary, according to ESPN reports, Chargers want to pay Bosa almost half of $17 million signing bonus in March next year, but Bosa wants all in 2016. The second clause will help Chargers save some money when they release Bosa. Bosa insisted that he would not agree to these two terms. Unless either party makes some concessions, the negotiations were not just enough.

But the other has been reported that Bosa felt Chargers have a disregard of him. Informed sources said the relationship between the two sides has been “beyond repair” damage.

Eventually, Bosa will almost certainly be signed. We can not imagine the third overall pick miss the entire season. But no sign of the beginning of negotiations would mean they are closer to a consensus.

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